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Whale Watching

Thousands of humpback whales cruise up and down Kalbarri’s spectacular coastline during their annual migration.

One of the best ways to observe them up close is aboard one of the whale watching tours where you might see them spy-hopping, breaching or you may even see mothers with calves. To book, contact the Kalbarri Visitor Centre.

There’s plenty of land-based vantage points, just cast your eyes out to sea and look for ‘smoke on the water’, large splashes or black bumps. Sometimes you can also hear them breathing or get under the water to hear their songs. Natural Bridge – Island Rock Boardwalk and Eagle Gorge lookout are great land-based vantage points.

The whale migration passes Kalbarri from June to November.

For More Information On Tours Contact:

Kalbarri – Visitor Centre
(08) 9937 1104

Visit the Tours page below for more information on the tours mentioned above:

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Kalbarri Weather

For an up-to-date look at Kalbarri’s weather and tide times:
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